QTSFLBI Chapter 1: First Love Reversal Strategy (1)

Chapter 1: First Love Reversal Strategy (1)

“Xia Qiu, Bai Lang’s performance is the day after tomorrow!”

Xu Meng didn’t seem to care about the gazes of the boys in the class who felt sorry for the “Sleeping Beauty”, roughly shaking Xia Qiu’s arm, smiling mysteriously.

“Hey! Wake up, I’m talking to you!”

Xia Qiu came awake, her slightly uptilted almond eyes showing signs of drowsiness. Covering her yawn, she stretched her body.

The sound of the boys’ simultaneously swallowing their saliva sounded out in the class. Xu Meng blushed and pulled down Xia Qiu’s school uniform.

It was then that Xia Qiu realized that she was wearing a large sports school uniform. Originally it wouldn’t reveal her figure at all, but because she stretched, the uniform was raised up and a small section of her waist was revealed.

However, during this hormone-laden period, it was enough to spark these young males’ imaginations. There was even a glasses-wearing boy who had a nosebleed!

“Disgusting!” Xu Meng stomped her foot, looking at the composed Xia Qiu out of the corner of her eye. At first she was thinking about using Xia Qiu to ridicule the boys, but after looking at Xia Qiu she had some doubts. Xia Qiu was originally the one who hated these boys the most, however now she looked composed, not reacting angrily at all.

Before she could think further, Xia Qiu, while unconsciously spinning her pen, already opened her mouth, “Meng Meng, you go with them tomorrow. I already made plans with Qi Qi, we’re going to buy some books!”

Smiling faintly, Xia Qiu propped her chin with her arm on her desk, her gaze somewhat distant.

That’s right, the original owner of this body had indeed made plans with Qi Qi. But it was originally so that her family would not worry when she came home later on Saturday, to go see Bai Lang’s concert.

But now…… Xia Qiu decided to turn the fake plan into reality. In any case, the details of the plan was also up to her, wasn’t it?

Xu Meng looked at Xia Qiu in surprise, seeming to detect a change in her. This made her nervously squeeze out a smile. Xu Meng once again moved closer to Xia Qiu.

“Qiu Qiu, don’t tell me you want to go back on your word? This will make people dislike you……” She cautiously sounded out, while watching Xia Qiu’s reaction.

“Is that so?” Xia Qiu smiled at her.

She was already beautiful enough to make Xu Meng jealous, but now that look in her eyes, inexplicably made Xu Meng feel like she saw through her, which made her stammer as she tried to conceal it.

“Tha-That’s right! This is what you said before. Did you forget?”

It was then that Xia Qiu made an “Oh” sound, seriously thinking about it, “Is that right? If it is, then I take back what I said.”

Can you even take back something you said?

Xu Meng wanted to say something else, but Xia Qiu wasn’t in the mood to continue speaking with her.

“Ok, that’s it. Meng Meng, my stomach hurts. Help me tell the teacher. I’m going to the infirmary.” Xia Qiu casually said, getting up from her chair and heading outside. During this time, the furtive glances and lowered discussions from those around them were anything but good.

Xu Meng bit her lip, looking unwilling. As Xia Qiu walked out of the classroom, she turned and headed in another direction instead.

Enjoying the afternoon sun, Xia Qiu strolled on the sports field, recalling this novel’s plot.

The male lead Bai Lang is the most outstanding adonis of this high school. Good at sports, with a good family background. He even established a band with some like-minded friends.

And the second male lead Qi Qi is Xia Qiu’s childhood friend, and also Pu Lang High School’s famous top student!

One is the male lead, the other is the second male lead. And the body that Xia Qiu has now transmigrated into, the original owner was this novel’s heavyweight cannon fodder second female lead.

And the other important character, is the “ordinary female lead” in this Mary Sue novel, Han Zhen Zhen.

Han Zhen Zhen is Bai Lang and Qi Qi’s classmate, with a not so good family background, and not much of a presence in school.

But one day, she coincidentally had a collaboration with Bai Lang. With the help of expert makeup technique, it revealed her beautiful appearance, which successfully sparked Bai Lang’s interest.

However, after the collaboration, before Bai Lang could ask about Han Zhen Zhen’s identity, she had magically disappeared just like Cinderella.

And in keeping with the plotline, the Han Zhen Zhen in school was tough and upright like a weed, repeatedly speaking out against Bai Lang, which also successfully caught the attention of Bai Lang.
(T/N: Jandi? Makino? Is that you? Haha.)

As the campus adonis, Bai Lang has naturally seen all sorts of methods to get his attention. However, it so happened that at this time, the “cool campus beauty” Xia Qiu unexpectedly publicly confessed to him, declaring that he was her man.

The Xia family and Bai family naturally has a trend of forming connections through marriage. However, Bai Lang hated this sort of emotionless “marriage connection”. Hence, he decided to protest against Xia Qiu, and stand up against his family.

Because Han Zhen Zhen disliked him, and her personality was strong, so Bai Lang asked her to be his “shield”. Unexpectedly, as they got to know each other better, they accidentally turned the fake relationship into reality……

With their mutual affinity, they made the cinderella story come true, and ended up getting together.

This would not have been possible without Xia Qiu’s “help”.

Afterwards, Xia Qiu’s parents accidentally found out that Han Zhen Zhen was actually the Xia family’s eldest daughter who was abducted during her childhood. Thus, Xia Qiu who was originally extremely doted on, was gradually given the cold shoulder, losing Qi Qi, losing her family, and in the end, was sent abroad and never heard from again.


Perhaps it’s because the author of this novel adored the male and female leads, aside from the female lead suffering a little in the beginning, they didn’t suffer at all afterwards. The author only made the second male and female leads to suffer in various ways.

Even if the villainous second female lead Xia Qiu was not lovable, but as the cannon fodder type second male lead, Qi Qi managed to pierce the hearts of countless readers. Thus, when they read that Qi Qi gave up his school admission recommendation opportunity to Han Zhen Zhen, going on a solo journey to the northwest but during his travels, in order to save a girl, he died in a car accident.

The grievances of numerous readers exploded in a flash. In order to resolve this grievance, Xia Qiu who had just awakened her abilities, due to the organization not having anybody else to send, was forced to carry out her very first mission.

The memories overwhelmingly rushed into her head. Pressing between her eyebrows, it was then that Xia Qiu discovered, she seemed to have celebrated too early.

The point that she transmigrated to didn’t seem right, wasn’t she supposed to transmigrate back to when Xia Qiu first met Bai Lang? How come after integrating the memories, the plot has already progressed to when Bai Lang was about to have his concert?

There’s a complete copy of the novel’s plot in her head, so she very clearly remembered, this concert is the turning point of Bai Lang and Han Zhen Zhen’s relationship.

Originally, Xia Qiu deliberately wanted to humiliate Han Zhen Zhen, to let her know the disparity between her and Bai Lang. So she gave Han Zhen Zhen her special guest ticket. And the paired dance that was originally between her and Bai Lang, was also changed to be between Han Zhen Zhen and Bai Lang.

But when Han Zhen Zhen stood there clutching the paper in her hands, not knowing what to do, with the spotlight shining down on her. Bai Lang did not care about Xia Qiu’s face, throwing down his glass, and heading over to rescue Han Zhen Zhen from embarrassment.

And because of that episode, Xia Qiu’s position as the cool campus goddess began to decline. Even the incident from before, during the sports competition, where she used a loudspeaker to confess to Bai Lang, was once again brought up and mocked.

Comparing the plot, Xia Qiu determined the time of her arrival. Thursday, two days before Bai Lang’s concert.

Because the point where she transmigrated to wasn’t that good, so currently Xia Qiu’s time was particularly pressing. Not only did she have to think about how to remove some of the influence on campus that the original owner had left behind, she also had to find a way to eliminate the misunderstandings between her and Qi Qi.

After all, to Han Zhen Zhen and Bai Lang, the author is their birth mother. But to Xia Qiu, this author is a genuine stepmother!
(T/N: because of the stereotype where stepmothers will not treat the kids as well. Look at Cinderella.)

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