QTSFLBI Chapter 15: First Love Reversal Strategy (15)

The Xia family was really gloomy. As soon as Qi Qi came in, “Father Xia” Xia Xin Zhe breathed a sigh of relief. “Mother Xia” Du Ru immediately greeted him, pulling Qi Qi towards the corner of the room.

She immediately asked, “Qi Qi, what happened at school? Why did Qiu Qiu seem to be a different person after coming back…”

A familiar headache formed in Qi Qi’s head, making him unable to resist rubbing his temples. Du Ru continued saying:

“I can’t believe it. During our meal just now, Qiu Qiu insisted on serving food to her father and me. We were startled, how could she become so sensible all of a sudden? Did your school hold some gratitude event again?”

Du Ru’s eyes lit up, “If the event is so effective, tell me which company held it, and Qiu Qiu’s father and I will find him, no matter how much money it takes, as long as he comes to speak to Qiu Qiu every day. ”

Qi Qi’s head, which was aching, suddenly stopped hurting.

He was also a little surprised, “Qiu Qiu wasn’t angry?”

Du Ru felt even more strange than him, “No, she smiled and even insisted on helping Aunt Wang with the housework. And was rushing to serve her father food and vegetables at the dinner table.”

“Then did she tell you that she passed out at school?” Qi Qi was in disbelief, and asked tentatively.

Upon hearing this news, Du Ru almost fainted from fright. Luckily Xia Xin Zhe quickly supported her.

“She actually passed out at school? What the hell is going on? Qi Qi, explain to me in detail.” Xia Xin Zhe frowned, but he was very calm while supporting Du Ru.

The words were on the tip of his tongue, but Qi Qi did not continue to speak.

Although Father Xia looked calm, but Qi Qi, who was used to dealing with the Xia family, knew that once Xia Qiu’s disease that was ‘only half a step away from heart disease’ was exposed, the whole Xia family will be turned upside down in an instant, and it will be difficult for Xia Qiu to step out of the Xia family in the second half of her life. It is that exaggerated!

“What’s the matter? Spit it out!” Du Ru was so anxious that tears came out.

Not sure why Xia Qiu wasn’t honest, and even concealed the part where she fought with him at school. All of this is not her style at all.

So if he rashly revealed these things for her and Xia Qiu had other plans, wouldn’t she never ever forgive him?

Thinking that way, even when Father Xia was holding Mother Xia and the two of them were extremely worried, Qi Qi still didn’t reveal a word.


The door on the second floor was suddenly pulled open, Xia Qiu stuck her head out and looked at the chaos below and at Qi Qi, who was held firmly by Father Xia and Mother Xia. She went down and grabbed Qi Qi’s wrist.

“Dad, Mom, what are you doing? I just have a little low blood pressure. How could you bother Qi Qi, it’s not like your daughter died by his hands!”

“Bah! You, why are you saying something so depressing? I was just telling Qi Qi that you were sensible! Now it seems like you still have the same problem, didn’t improve at all”

Wiping the tears from the corner of her eye, Du Ru took a look at Xia Qiu, raised her hand and poked her forehead.

Regardless whether they believed it or not, Xia Qiu dragged Qi Qi and went straight up to the second floor.

Xia Xin Zhe and Du Ru were not surprised by such a move, and they just let it go. It was rare for the Xia couple to be both at home, so they got together and began to discuss about getting something to nourish Xia Qiu.

Once they reached Xia Qiu’s room, Xia Qiu closed the door, and let go of Qi Qi. Kicking off her flax slippers, Xia Qiu walked over and threw himself on the bed, burying her face deeply in the soft quilt. Her cold voice came out muffled.

“Qi Qi, are you stupid?”

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