QTSFLBI Chapter 14: First Love Reversal Strategy (14)

Even the driver, Uncle Lin, could clearly feel that the atmosphere was wrong, but Xia Qiu looked like nothing had happened, so even if Qi Qi wanted to explain, he couldn’t find a way to begin.

Perhaps the other words were Han Zhen Zhen’s jealousy towards Xia Qiu, but one sentence directly pierced Qi Qi’s heart.

In Xia Qiu’s eyes, what exactly did she think of him?

A playmate? A friend? Is it something that makes you angry when you find it was stolen? Or a plaything that can be told to come and go?

So as the car ride progressed, Qi Qi couldn’t be bothered to say anything. Anyway, whenever Xia Qiu got angry, it would never appeased until he coaxed her, and she could even cause trouble to turn the two families upside down.

However this time he was also angry, so this time he will just waited for everything to turn into a mess. When he stops being angry is when he will explain it to both families.

Sure enough, when it was time to get off the car, Xia Qiu still didn’t say a word. She thanked Uncle Lin directly, opened the door and got out of the car, without even looking at Qi Qi.

At lunch, Qi Qi was eating absent-mindedly.

It seemed he could hear the chaotic sounds coming from the opposite Xia family’s house, but when he listened carefully, there was nothing, it was just his hallucination.

After this happened several times, Grandpa Qi, who had the habit of ‘no talking while eating’, couldn’t help but wipe his mouth, looked strangely at Qi Qi who was restless, and made fun of him.

“What? What trouble did that girl cause now? Afraid that the Xia family couldn’t help but beat her?”

With chopsticks pounding the rice in his bowl, Qi Qi responded naturally, “How can that be? Mr and Mrs Xia love Qiu Qiu so much, how can they bear to lay a hand on her?”

Grandpa Qi laughed again, “Then you admit that she caused trouble again?”

Having said this, he paused, then he frowned and said to Qi Qi, “If you and Qiu Qiu can really get together in the future, it’s no problem as we know her. However she’s been spoiled since she was a child and has a bit of a temper… It would be better if you thought more about it.”

“Qiu Qiu’s nature is good, but she’s still young. She’ll be more sensible when she’s older.” This is what Qi Qi has always said to Grandpa Qi. However as he said it today, he thought about how when Xia Qiu looked at him and Han Zhen Zhen, she was obviously angry but managed to suppress her facial expression. It made him feel a little disappointed.

During the time he didn’t pay attention, Xia Qiu had begun to know how to control her emotions. But this kind of growth was not because of him. Qi Qi didn’t know how to explain to Grandpa Qi about this complicated feeling.

Grandpa Qi is naturally experienced in his old age. Seeing Qi Qi and Xia Qiu being awkward these past few days, it is impossible not to understand what is going on. The original ridicule was gone and his face turned stern and he said to Qi Qi lightly.

“Since you can’t force it, you might as well let it go, and save yourself from trouble.”

These words were obviously a bit harsh, and awakened Qi Qi from his thoughts.
He was a little embarrassed to be seen through, and immediately pushed away his bowl and chopsticks.

“Grandpa, what did you say!” The slight heavy breathing was very clear sounding in the quiet environment.

After a moment of calm, Qi Qi looked at Grandpa Qi and said softly, “Qiu Qiu was not feeling well at school today. Grandpa, you eat first, I’ll go see her.”

Saying that, he immediately walked towards the Xia house, his figure disappearing outside the door.

Grandpa Qi picked up his chopsticks again without hesitation. It was naturally inconvenient for him to intervene in the matters of the younger generation. But if the girl from the Xia family crossed the line and wanted to make use of his grandson, he would not just sit back and watch.

It all depends on the “degree”…

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