QTSFLBI Chapter 3: First Love Reversal Strategy (3)

“Qiu…… Xia Qiu! Are you ok?? Hang on, I…… I’ll bring you to the infirmary right now!”

Although he was afraid that it was unsuitable to move Xia Qiu, but when his hand touched her back, his heart jumped.

It goes without saying that it’s hot in summer, but the fallen Xia Qiu seemed like she was fished out of the water, her clothes were completely soaked in cold sweat.

Her fringe was soaked in sweat, sticking to her pale forehead. The hand clutching his was weak.

“Qi Qi?” the dizzy Xia Qiu opened her eyes with difficulty, trying to distinguish the overlapping images of the boy in front of her. Even if she couldn’t see his features clearly, she could see that his eyes were full of restraint and distress. Xia Qiu couldn’t help but feel her heart soften.

“Qiu Qiu, don’t speak. Save your strength.” hearing Xia Qiu’s weak voice made Qi Qi’s heart clench.

They grew up together. Xia Qiu was good-looking, not too fond of talking, her personality was also a little cold. She was also pretty straightforward.

From when he first discovered that he had feelings for Xia Qiu, he had kept it quiet for almost two years now.

But when Xia Qiu liked someone, regardless of anything, her originally cool personality could be ignited, but the very first one to suffer was him……

Embracing the pale-looking girl and running hard, Qi Qi realized that the Pu Lang High School he thought was small was actually annoyingly big.

Because it was class time, when Qi Qi carried Xia Qiu and ran a few hundred meters, he still did not see a living person, there was no one to ask for help.

Putting down Xia Qiu and then seeking assistance would be the best option, but feeling the slightly cool face powerlessly sticking to his front, made Qi Qi not want to let go.

Breathless panting on the top of her head, the smell of sweat mixed with jolting, and the unbearable buzzing beside her ear. But indulging in her thankfulness and joy, Xia Qiu used all her strength, and hooked her arms around his neck as he was bending down to catch his breath.

“Qi Qi, I like you!”

Her soft arms were like noodles, they were considered on Qi Qi’s neck, but they didn’t have the strength to let her lift her head.

As a result, Xia Qiu imagined her confession scene went like this.

The exhausted boy was panting heavily, temporarily stopping for a rest. However the pale-yet-still-beautiful girl in his arms awoke at this time. The girl used all her strength, beautifully confessing to the boy before being completely overcome with pain, fainting dead away.

But according to the description of the eyewitness who had rushed over, the scene at the time was actually like this.

Qi Qi carried Xia Qiu, his physical strength was at the limit. His face was pale, just like the stiff as a corpse Xia Qiu lying in his arms. And then, just as the eyewitness arrived, the corpse-like Xia Qiu suddenly “came alive”.

With her eyes closed, struggling to place her arms around Qi Qi’s neck, and then……

Please note!

The whole time she was being carried by Qi Qi, so the support for generating all her actions, is actually Qi Qi.

Therefore, this action was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The top student who was bracing himself as he took a breather, after the campus beauty’s “rise from the dead”, immediately fell into a heap, falling at the feet of the witness.

——above is the detailed report from the eyewitness Bai Lang.

Of course, the Xia Qiu who had fainted naturally didn’t know about this. Although the act just now was a bit deliberate, but that confession was indeed real. If if wasn’t for liking Qi Qi, even if Peter took a knife to her neck, she couldn’t care less about the fate of the world.

Looking at the fallen figures of the boy and girl, Bai Lang frowned with impatience. It was only when Qi Qi’s sweat and dust covered face was revealed before his eyes, that his creased brow raised up.

“Please, help me!” Qi Qi lowered his eyes, hearing himself calmly saying. His strength wasn’t enough to bring Xia Qiu to the infirmary that was still halfway away. At this time, even if the person who came along was Bai Lang, he could only lower his head and ask for help.

“Hmph.” Bai Lang glanced at Xia Qiu, a distinct look of loathing. This undisguised expression made Qi Qi’s heart burn with anger, but he clenched and unclenched his fist, not making a sound.

When Bai Lang bent down and picked Xia Qiu off the ground, the pale-faced girl was like an angel who fell to earth. Peacefully with her eyes closed, even the slight smile on her pale lips carried a kind of quiet charm.

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