QTSFLBI Chapter 4: First Love Reversal Strategy (4)

Snow-white skin contrasting with her dark brows, slightly sweat-dampened hair hanging down by her face.

Lacking the usual arrogance and aloofness, Xia Qiu actually has such a stunning side to her?

That heart-stopping feeling pierced both Bai Lang and Qi Qi’s hearts, making them hold their breaths.

That slight smile, is it because she saw him?

Bai Lang originally barely restrained his urge to drop the girl, but his dislike disappeared in a split second.

And the Qi Qi who was standing aside, was clearly thinking along the same lines as Bai Lang. Dust covered his body, his white uniform soaked with sweat. Qi Qi undoubtedly has an unremarkable face, yet standing next to the dazzling Bai Lang, he miraculously was not overshadowed.

Even though at this moment Qi Qi’s uniform was covered in dust, Bai Lang could only see from his serene face, that it was still peaceful and carefree.

But the smile on Qi Qi’s lips had already stiffened.

That hallucination-like confession, the moment he heard it, thawed his heart in a flash and left him at a complete loss. But seeing Bai Lang carrying Xia Qiu, beautiful like a youth idol.

The hope that was ignited in his heart just then, was extinguished just like being splashed with a basin of ice-cold water.

Not that he didn’t expect this was just his misunderstanding. But Xia Qiu, would probably wish to see Bai Lang when she wakes up……

“Bai Lang, could I trouble you to send Xia Qiu to the infirmary? I’m out of strength.” Qi Qi said warmly once again, not seeming to mind his sorry figure, spreading his unconsciously trembling hands due to excessive physical exertion.

“Ok.” Bai Lang withdrew his gaze from Qi Qi, feeling somewhat frustrated.

He seemed to sense something between Xia Qiu and Qi Qi. After Bai Lang responded, he immediately turned around, the gaze behind him continued following them a distance.

The chirping of cicadas, sunshine.

In the quiet school, on this not long road.

Xia Qiu’s cool yet warm and soft body resided in Bai Lang’s arms, carrying a girl’s unique scent. The heart-stopping feeling from before, like sugar cubes soaking in coffee, dissolving under the sunshine, making his heart beat.

Just now he had wanted to ruthlessly refuse Qi Qi. But when Xia Qiu’s pale face and slightly pointed chin came into view, Bai Lang knew, when Qi Qi made that request, he did not want to refuse.

“Ok!” Bai Lang gave a clear response. Seeming as if something in his heart was trying to break through the fog. That feeling of wanting to grab and hold, entangled in his heart.

This intense throbbing made Bai Lang nearly unable to control himself. Confused and ardent feelings broke through his heart in a flash, like a brand new world opening before him.

That’s right. Wanting to passionately hold her and never letting go, wanting to kiss her, the feeling of wanting Xia Qiu to have only him in her eyes, this must be true love!

He still remembered that time he rejected Xia Qiu, how impatient and proud he was. It was merely the soft appearance from losing consciousness, yet it made him discover that he had unexpectedly fallen for her.

But fortunately, it wasn’t too late. At least now he realized that he is actually in love with Xia Qiu.

Then, since they both love each other, naturally it is only logical that they be together.

A warm sweetness burst forth from Bai Lang’s heart. He tightened his hold on Xia Qiu, completely forgetting that his band was anxiously waiting for him to rehearse……

As Xia Qiu laid on the spotless sickbed, she woke up from her dead faint. There was still bursts of pain in her chest, but it was clearly not as intense as before.

An incessant male voice, extremely excited, seeming to be starting from when she was initially laid down on the bed, talking non-stop, just like a giant fly, making Xia Qiu’s head almost explode from the noise.

She wished she could immediately get up, using her slippers to smack and kill this giant fly.

What a joke. She was originally the well-known ace of the archery club, killing a fly with slippers is naturally a cinch.

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