QTSFLBI Chapter 10: First Love Reversal Strategy (10)

Originally, Xia Qiu was smiling when she heard the first part of what Qi Qi had to say.

She is not the original owner of this body after all. The shell is fifteen, but her mental age is much older than Qi Qi’s age.

Even if Qi Qi is her adonis, he is still only a sixteen or seventeen-year-old boy. As he said, “You’re still young, these things are very complicated, you don’t need to understand.”

Xia Qiu…

What’s more, Xia Qiu, as a reader, was already well aware of all that he said.

The Xia family deals in real estate, a time-honored brand. And their relationship with the Qi family is quite strong. On the other hand, the Bai family is just a company that has newly risen in recent years. So in terms of foundation, they’re naturally not as good as the Xia family.

Unexpectedly, Qi Qi ended his speech with “transfer schools and leave”.

“You, are going to transfer schools?” After holding back for a long time, Xia Qiu finally found her voice.

Qi Qi let out a “en” with a calm expression. One hand was placed on Xia Qiu’s head, and lightly stroked her head as he said in an understatement, “My grandfather may be transferred to City A…”

Xia Qiu was surprised by the news, which immediately turned into a mix of joy and sorrow.

If Xia Qiu remembered correctly, the point where she transmigrated into the book is at least one year away from the Qi family’s move out of City C.

It takes about a year and a half for the personnel transfer of someone on the level of Grandpa Qi. So for Qi Qi to tell her this, either he was trying to sound her out, or he wanted to use this as an excuse to really leave City C.

“Then when do you… leave?” Xia Qiu lowered her eyes and asked again.

“I have already completed the transfer procedure. I planned to say goodbye to you today.” Qi Qi averted his eyes.

This was the first time he lied in front of Xia Qiu. He only made plans with Han Zhen Zhen, to meet her after school at the bubble tea shop that she worked at. He didn’t actually plan to say goodbye to Xia Qiu.

Very good! Qi Qi really wanted to distance himself from her.

Xia Qiu lowered her eyes slightly. Before she was able to release her ultimate move, the school doctor rushed back into the infirmary in a hurry.

Pulang High School’s school doctors are all borrowed from the city hospital, and they are rotated through different departments.

After all, secretly this is actually a ‘noble’ high school. Except for some with excellent grades, the other portion of students are all from households with connections. If anything were to happen to them, the school would not be able to handle the consequences.

Today, the doctor on duty happened to be from the cardiology department. When he saw that something was wrong with Xia Qiu, he first used emergency rescue methods, and then immediately reported to the hospital and requested for a medical equipment.

“Haha, Student Qi is here! If I had known you were here to take care of Student Xia, I wouldn’t have been so anxious.”

The young school doctor in a white coat wiped the sweat from his head, and ordered the people following him to move the medical equipment to the medical room next door. After which he greeted Qi Qi in a familiar manner.

“Doctor, what’s wrong with Qiu Qiu?” Qi Qi nodded as an acceptance to the doctor’s greeting, but he was not in the mood to chat. Now he looked at Xia Qiu and asked the school doctor again.

Upon hearing the inquiry about the medical condition, Doctor Li’s expression became serious.

“There are not enough medical equipment in the school. When Student Bai sent her here just now, the symptoms she showed were very similar to the precursors of intermittent angina pectoris. Probably it was because Student Xia was stimulated by something and her emotions were too intense. Now that the hospital has sent the medical equipment here, I can give Student Xia a more thorough examination.”

Upon hearing the string of incomprehensible words from Doctor Li, Xia Qiu immediately felt bewildered.

However, since it’s her body, she knows what’s the problem with it. Once three to five days have passed, the original owner’s body will integrate with her soul. Naturally, this problem will be gone too. But since he wants to do a check up, it’s actually a good thing. If there is any disease or something she doesn’t know, they would be able to find out.

So she didn’t even think about asking any more, and simply nodded.

But Qi Qi looked at Doctor Li and couldn’t help but frown slightly.

“Doctor, is this a heart attack?”

Hearing Qi Qi ask this question, Xia Qiu couldn’t help but wonder how he could ask something so ominous!

Fortunately, the Doctor Li here quickly continued the conversation.

“Yes and no.” He prepared the wording and tried to explain the situation to Qi Qi and Xia Qiu in words that the two of them could understand. “Actually, this disease is just half a step shy of being a heart disease.”

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