QTSFLBI Chapter 11: First Love Reversal Strategy (11)

What do you mean by half a step? Will this heart disease have a continuation to be triggered?

“Simply put, this symptom is called a premonitory sign of heart disease. However Student Xia has no previous medical history of heart disease. So it might be due to suffocation or strong emotional ups and downs, which caused the blood circulation of the heart to be stimulated, and thus this symptom is more likely to be induced.”

Doctor Li looked at Xia Qiu, “Student Xia, the medical equipment has been delivered now. You can come over and I will give you a detailed examination.”

Qi Qi looked at Xia Qiu.

Although she still had some doubts about the qualifications of the school doctor, she still wanted to figure out what was wrong with her, so she agreed and got out of the hospital bed.

Doctor Li took Xia Qiu to the next room, where the large instrument was placed against the right corner of the wall, with the power turned on.

So, things that could only be checked in the hospital, in the small medical room in Pulang High School, with the machine that was specially obtained, Xia Qiu was specially given an examination.

After taking off what looked like a stethoscope that was on his head, Doctor Li’s expression was obviously much more relaxed. He picked out a clear ECG picture from the screen of the instrument and pointed at it to Qi Qi who was standing at the side.

“Sure enough, it’s as I said. Student Xia’s heart valve is more fragile than ordinary people. If the mood keeps having a great fluctuation over a period of time, it will easily lead to blood backflow and intermittent angina pectoris. Every year tens of thousands of cases with similar symptom are discovered nationwide. So I suggest Student Xia to go to the hospital for a more detailed examination when you have time, and try to keep yourself calm.”

Although Xia Qiu didn’t believe much in the school doctor, but the doctor in the white coat looks to be very skilled, unlike other quack doctors who gave you a bunch of medicine regardless of whether it’s a fever or cold, as if the medicine didn’t cost money.

She looked at Qi Qi, Qi Qi nodded to her, and helped her out of the infirmary.

It might that because the school is over by this time, that the bustling students on campus all headed en masse to the school gate.

The two walked side by side. Qi Qi looked at the time, suddenly remembering that he had an appointment with Han Zhen Zhen, and stopped walking immediately.

“Qiu Qiu, you go back first. Uncle Lin’s car must be waiting outside. I won’t be going back at noon today. I have something else to do.”

This is the second lie told to Xia Qiu! The bottom of Qi Qi’s eyes deepened unconsciously.

“Okay.” Contrary to his expectations, Xia Qiu answered very easily.

The girl’s lips were still a little pale, but the dark bright eyes and the slightly raised smile made her look much better. However these unusual words and deeds that were different from her normal behaviour, kept Qi Qi’s eyes on her face. He observed carefully, but couldn’t find anything wrong.

“Then I’ll go first. If I don’t come in the afternoon, please tell our teacher for me and ask for a leave of absence.”

The excuse he prepared was completely useless, he nodded. Xia Qiu immediately turned around, and walked slowly towards the school gate. Qi Qi frowned slightly, as if he couldn’t figure out something, and he began to zone out as he stared at the back of Xia Qiu leaving.

And he naturally didn’t notice that behind him, at the intersection from the direction of the teaching building, a girl with short hair ran straight to the school gate. But when her eyes fell on Qi Qi, she involuntarily slowed down, and then after determining that it was him, she slowed down and walked over to him.

With a smile on hee face, Han Zhen Zhen breathed a sigh of relief, reached out her hand and with patted Qi Qi’s shoulder, and then said happily.

“It’s really you! Qi Qi, I thought I was going to be late, but I didn’t expect it to be so coincidental that I could meet you here… Let’s go! Then let’s go together.”

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