QTSFLBI Chapter 9: First Love Reversal Strategy (9)

Qi Qi said as he walked over. Naturally pouring a glass of water for Xia Qiu and placing it at the head of the bed. Turning to look at Xia Qiu’s calm look, his red ears slowly cooled down, and his eyes were cold and sharp again.

Sure enough!

“Qiu Qiu, those girls are small-minded. If you don’t like it, don’t hang out with them again.”

He’s talking about the year when she was nine, he was eleven. When they watched a movie for the first time.

The two went to the cinema with money in their pockets, and randomly entered one of the theatres. However, they happened to watch a vulgar movie where best friends fought over a man and showed off their lowest of low behaviours. Because it was not suitable for children to watch, Qi Qi started covering Xia Qiu’s eyes from the middle of the movie, but he himself carefully watched the whole movie to the end.

Therefore, since the age of eleven, Qi Qi has had a deep understanding of the delicate relationship between girls.

Xia Qiu listened to Qi Qi’s words, but still looked towards Qi Qi without understanding.

Seeing Xia Qiu’s puzzled look, Qi Qi sighed, with a complicated look in his eyes. However, he still patted Xia Qiu’s head, speaking in a cold tone.

“Those rumors are just from some ignorant people. They say you like Bai Lang because of his family background. But they don’t know that the Xia family’s status in C City is not at all inferior to Bai Lang’s family. Truthfully speaking, it is actually the Bai family that is social climbing.”

“Qiu Qiu doesn’t need to understand these complicated things. If you like Bai Lang, you can rest assured and boldly be with him. I will always support you, but…”

“Han Zhen Zhen is innocent after all. Qiu Qiu has already achieved what you wanted, so don’t trouble her anymore.”

As Qi Qi said this, he looked to see Xia Qiu’s expression.

In the past, whenever he mentioned Han Zhen Zhen’s name in front of Xia Qiu, she, who usually didn’t care about anything, would act like her wound was poked. Instantly exploding in fury, saying whatever verbal jabs that will hurt him. Afterwards, she would feel wronged and would curl up at his side and apologize.

Even though he was used to saying it was nothing, but only he knew what he really felt…

Xia Qiu wondered why he wanted to speak for Han Zhen Zhen. Their thoughts were clearly not on the same channel at all.

Qi Qi waited and waited, but did not hear Xia Qiu’s response.

Maybe it’s because she has already gotten a promise from Bai Lang, so now she doesn’t care about the people who she minded so much before?

Putting aside what Qi Qi was guessing in his heart, when Xia Qiu came back to her senses, she saw Qi Qi sitting by her hospital bed, looking at her in confusion.

The look of questioning seemed to be waiting for her answer, but the face that looked very sensible and calm made her feel that the previously red-eared Big Brother Qi was actually very far away.

“What did you say?” Xia Qiu thought for a long time, but still couldn’t recall what Qi Qi had asked just now. She simply decided to admit that she was distracted and asked again.

So Qi Qi repeated again, “Because of some family affairs, my family will soon move out of City C. So I hope that Qiu Qiu will do well with Bai Lang at Pu Lang High School. If Qiu Qiu likes it, you can let your family discuss your marriage with the Bai family. However, you’re still in high school, so you should still make your studies the priority.”

A huge thunder exploded with a “bang” in front of Xia Qiu’s eyes.

Xia Qiu didn’t hear a word about marriage or studies, but the phrase “move out of C City” echoed repeatedly in her ears, which shocked her for a long time.

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