QTSFLBI Chapter 12: First Love Reversal Strategy (12)

Did Qi Qi specially wait for her here?

Han Zhen Zhen’s heartbeat suddenly missed a beat, and her originally carefree mind suddenly gave birth to a touch of sweetness. She lowered her voice unconsciously and turned her head to look at Qi Qi.

“Is there something important? To specially make an appointment to meet at the bubble tea shop. If you go, the boss will definitely not say that I deliberately want to skip work… Oh, it’s getting late, let’s hurry up.”

She rambled, as she mentioned the time, she was immediately startled. She stretched out her hand to pull Qi Qi and wanted to run towards the school gate.

But as soon as her hand touched Qi Qi, the other party seemed to be electrocuted, and immediately swatted her hand away, as if her hand was dirty…

Han Zhen Zhen immediately felt a little hurt, and withdrew her hand in embarrassment.

“I’m sorry.” Qi Qi apologized in a low voice, but his eyes couldn’t help but fall on the figure of the girl who turned back from the school gate.

From the moment Han Zhen Zhen’s voice sounded, Qi Qi already had the worst hunch, but he didn’t expect such a hunch to come true.

Xia Qiu, who had stopped, turned around and walked towards him and Han Zhen Zhen from the school gate in the worst outcome Qi Qi expected.

Although Xia Qiu’s expression was very calm and her steps were also very calm, Qi Qi couldn’t guarantee that this could be because she was extremely angry to the point that she suppressed it instead? Her being sick with the premonitory heart attack…

Qi Qi groaned in his heart, and scolded himself for his pig brain. He could talk to Han Zhen Zhen later, but if Xia Qiu misunderstood and became angry and got sick at school, he would not be able to explain it to Xia Qiu’s parents!

Han Zhen Zhen looked at Qi Qi’s changing expression, and following his line of sight, she also saw Xia Qiu walking towards them.

They were both wearing the same schopl uniform that was as wide as a robe. Why then when the other person wore it, she looked pure and unstained, as beautiful as a movie star? While when she is wearing it, it just looks overly loose on her. With them standing side by side, it made her look like she doesn’t have legs at all under the uniform.

So every time Han Zhen Zhen sees Xia Qiu, she can’t help but feel envy and admiration. Of course, such a feeling, after Bai Lang deliberately made fun of Xia Qiu and Xia Qiu turned around and dealt with her (Han Zhen Zhen) mercilessly, was completely destroyed.

Maybe Xia Qiu had too many ways to deal with people, Han Zhen Zhen couldn’t help but shiver when she saw her, and subconsciously hid behind Qi Qi.

It would have been better if she didn’t move. When she moved to the new position, and Qi Qi didn’t think it was a good idea to pull her away, so they both stood like this waiting for Xia Qiu to reach them. They totally looked like a cheating couple who was caught by the spouse.

This thought crossed her mind, making Xia Qiu feel angry yet funny. Her ears were not decorations. When she heard Han Zhen Zhen’s “energetic” voice, she naturally knew that Qi Qi didn’t go home because he had an appointment with Han Zhen Zhen.

But looking at Han Zhen Zhen hiding behind Qi Qi, only carefully peeking out and showing half of her face, Xia Qiu inexplicably burned with anger.

“Oh, Brother Qi turned out to have an appointment, no wonder he wasn’t planning on going back.”

The original tension was pierced at the moment. Now that Xia Qiu found out, Qi Qi no longer needed to hide it. He originally asked to meet Han Zhen Zhen to help Xia Qiu apologize to Han Zhenzhen, and then to warn Han Zhen Zhen not to approach Bai Lang anymore.

But now that Xia Qiu knew about it, if he continued with his actions, it would probably make things worse.

“Well, I did plan to meet an with Student Han. I wanted to talk to Student Han about some things.” Qi Qi said calmly, but he secretly took a step forward, for fear that he would not be able to catch Xia Qiu if she were to faint.

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