QTSFLBI Chapter 13: First Love Reversal Strategy (13)

With Qi Qi speaking first, Han Zhen Zhen also became bold at the moment, she stood out from behind Qi Qi while blushing. Thinking of Qi Qi’s words, only then did she realize why Qi Qi was standing here just now.

“Yeah! Xia Qiu, don’t think too much. Qi Qi and I just have something to talk about, so we made an appointment…” Han Zhen Zhen hurriedly followed Qi Qi to explain to Xia Qiu, but while explaining, she suddenly realized something wasn’t right.

It was clear that Xia Qiu liked Bai Lang, and she bullied her before because Bai Lang was close with her. So then why was she so angry when she found out that Qi Qi had planned to meet with her today?

No matter how beautiful Xia Qiu is and how high her status is, it doesn’t mean she could forcibly claim two men, right? Thinking of this, Han Zhen Zhen felt disdain for Xia Qiu.

Xia Qiu looked at the way Qi Qi seemed to be protecting Han Zhen Zhen, and even deliberately took a step towards her to black her and immediately laughed in anger.

“Yeah, of course I won’t think much about it. Qi Qi just wanted to invite you for a meal. It’s not like he didn’t mean to not tell me. Not to mention my surname is Xia, his surname is Qi, who am I to him? Who he has a meal with doesn’t need my approval.”

As she spoke, she looked at Qi Qi again, “Since you have an appointment with your sweetheart, I won’t do anything that makes people misunderstand. I hope the both of you enjoy good food and drink!”

Standing beside Qi Qi, Han Zhen Zhen thought she saw through Xia Qiu’s vanity. She naturally assumed Qi Qi’s silence to be because he had a good-natured personality, that he was being bullied by Xia Qiu.

At the moment, she couldn’t help but want to uphold the injustice for Qi Qi. Han Zhen Zhen took another step forward, like a mother hen protecting its chick, blocking Qi Qi and sneered.

“Hmph! Xia Qiu, no matter how good your family is, your heart is still rotten, do you know that? You are chasing Bai Lang in a high-profile way, and here you are hanging on to Qi Qi. What are you thinking?!”

“Qi Qi is just asking me to have a meal. What do you mean by being so sarcastic? There’s nothing between me and Qi Qi or Bai Lang. Even if there is anything, what does it have to do with you?”

“Aren’t you just relying on the fact that you grew up with Qi Qi? Besides bullying Qi Qi, what else can you do?”

Han Zhen Zhen has always fought against injustice. Her ability to wage a war of words, was fast and continuous like a firecracker. With just a sentence from Xia Qiu, she could point out ten different sins.

She said such a long list clearly and non-stop, Xia Qiu couldn’t talk over her. So she just stood there with her arms crossed, waiting for her to finish.

“You’re right, is there anything else?”

Han Zhen Zhen suddenly choked up. Usually in school, those people not only envied Xia Qiu’s good looks, but also her good family background. They said a lot of ugly things about her. But when Xia Qiu looked at her like this, and when she asked such a question, she couldn’t say a word, and could only shake her head in frustration.

Then, Xia Qiu raised her eyes and looked at Qi Qi.

“Qi Qi, what do you think about all that she said?”

Qi Qi’s expression changed slightly, and he looked at Han Zhen Zhen, “Student Han, I still have something to do at home. I’m sorry, let’s meet another day.”

What will happen between him and Xia Qiu, is something Han Zhen Zhen has no right to see.

Originally, he thought that Han Zhen Zhen had a straightforward temperament. It would be good. If she could become friends with Xia Qiu. But he didn’t expect it to be so wrong.

Being born into a family like the Qi family influenced Qi Qi, and he has long since been able to distinguish people’s hearts and intentions.

——Of course, Xia Qiu is the exception.

“Alright, Qiu Qiu, let’s go back! The family must be waiting.”

Qi Qi’s attitude towards Han Zhen Zhen became cold in that moment. Maybe Han Zhen Zhen wouldn’t be able to feel it for a while, but Xia Qiu was immediately able to discern the change. Good, at least it’s a step towards success.

“Let’s go.” Xia Qiu glanced at Qi Qi, then she turned and walked away.

The illusion that she stole the other party’s man, and then the man was taken away by the other party, made Han Zhenzhen feel as if something was stuck in her chest. She stared at the figure of the two leaving side by side, her nails unconsciously digging deeply into her palm.

Apart from those things that she couldn’t control, what can Xia Qiu compare to her? Why must she suffer from the humiliation brought by Xia Qiu? Why… is even Qi Qi blind?

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