QTSFLBI Chapter 5: First Love Reversal Strategy (5)

However, if it was Qi Qi……

Xia Qiu contemplated, she will just regard this excessive talking as concern for herself!

With some expectations in her heart, Xia Qiu opened her eyes, it was momentarily dim before her.

Just as expected, the boy who was constantly noting her condition, immediately shut up, promptly flew to her bedside and touched her cheek with concern, also checking her forehead.

“Xia Qiu, are you feeling better?”

Waking up just after fainting, her eyes were blurry. Blinking her eyes with great effort, Xia Qiu could finally see clearly.

“Qi……” No need to worry, I’m fine.

Pale lips slightly curving, Xia Qiu smiled.

This type of smile and tone, from “Second Female Lead Counterattack Commonly Used 100 moves”, Xia Qiu had practiced numerous times.

But speaking halfway, her smile also going up halfway, before it froze on Xia Qiu’s face.

The person in front of her has a pair of seductive eyes.

It was obviously an intense atmosphere, but when he’s gazing with deep concern, it makes one feel as if they are the only one in his eyes!

Born with the ability to naturally entice…… Bai Lang!

Frankly speaking, even though Bai Lang’s overbearing CEO character hasn’t completely matured yet, but his sunny appearance, is precisely the combination of prince charming and bad boy that is most liked by young girls.

In the idol dramas that Xia Qiu had seen, based on Bai Lang only, also because of his face, can see completely the melodramatic idol drama’s top-notch quality.

But at this moment, this pair of seductive eyes tenderly looking at her. It was definitely not Xia Qiu’s type, but a heart-numbing feeling exploded through her entire body.

Damn it! Why is she suddenly unable to control this body?

Slowly caressing Xia Qiu’s face, Bai Lang smiled confidently, deeply gazing at Xia Qiu and slowly leaning down.

That gradually enlarged face’s skin foundation is especially good. Even looking at it from such a close range, there is no pores at all. Yet Xia Qiu couldn’t speak, she couldn’t move her body either.

“Damn it!” she bit her lip. Originally wanting to use the pain to break through her restraints, but after vaguely spewing out the two words, she immediately lost control again.

She mustn’t get close to the male lead!

This is probably the obsession left behind in the original body, only emerging when there is a great desire for certain events. Only during the initial stages of book transmigration, will it occur situations where Xia Qiu is unable to control the body.

Throwing glances for help towards the outside of the infirmary, originally hoping the school doctor will interrupt, but unexpectedly seeing Qi Qi instead.

He was actually standing outside the door behind the curtain.

The phrase burning with anxiety isn’t sufficient to describe Xia Qiu’s current mood.

In her memory, wasn’t Bai Lang always avoiding her, why is there such a reversal? Is this the heavens wanting her mission to fail?

Bai Lang didn’t seem to notice Xia Qiu’s actions, he closed his eyes. That sincere and earnest handsome face, moderately thick lips, are enough to dazzle any girl and make her close her eyes, to accept this beautiful kiss.

But Xia Qiu kept glancing again and again towards Qi Qi’s profile. That movement as if rolling her eyes, almost caused her eyes to cramp. Not only did the hiding Qi Qi not take any action, even the Bai Lang she wanted to disgust by using this action, had his eyes closed and thus didn’t notice. The warm breath already reaching Xia Qiu’s face, but she couldn’t even turn her head to avoid it.

The figure of Qi Qi behind the curtain moved, like he was about to leave, Xia Qiu was really worried now.

She fiercely increased her strength, almost biting off a piece of flesh, dark red blood immediately flowing from her deathly pale lips, that strong smell of blood forced Bai Lang to stop his movement.

Opening his eyes to find Xia Qiu looking down, her lips appearing to have been bitten, blood slowly oozing out.

Bai Lang was startled, immediately breaking into laughter. Not sure what he was thinking, he lifted his hand and flicked Xia Qiu’s nose, straightening up and rummaging around the first aid kit at the bedside.

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