QTSFLBI Chapter 6: First Love Reversal Strategy (6)

Dabbing a cotton swab with alcohol, Bai Lang turned back and sat next to Xia Qiu, there was no leeway for Xia Qiu to speak.

—— She couldn’t speak either.

“Open your mouth. It might be a bit painful, bear with it.”

Bai Lang leaned down and held Xia Qiu’s face, making her lips slightly open, carefully using the cotton swab to remove the blood on her lips.

During the whole process, Bai Lang had a strange pleased smile.

In this awkward position, her entire face is under the control of Bai Lang, the burning pain made Xia Qiu unable to feel the existence of her “lip”.

Her face has probably been made into showing the laughable duck lips, definitely causing her image to be non-existent.

Xia Qiu gave up struggling, although it could be said that she was resigned to her fate, but at least she was able to escape from Bai Lang’s kiss, it can also be considered a blessing!

Breathing a sigh of relief, she couldn’t help looking towards the door.

“Little fool, I’m surprised you can even bite your lip when kissing. How nervous were you?”

Bai Lang laughed, disposing of the cotton swab, once again leaning close to inspect her wound.

His breath lightly feathered across Xia Qiu’s face, she held her breath, not daring to move in the slightest, afraid that he will just place his lips on hers.

Qi Qi is still watching from outside!

She was practically tortured to tears by this Mary Sue world! This is playing with her, setting her up to be completely obliterated!

Where’s the Bai Lang from her memory, who stood surrounded by his followers, looking at her with disdain? Where’s the Bai Lang from her memory who spiritedly bickered with Han Zhen Zhen, and who viewed her as cannon fodder?

At this moment, Xia Qiu suddenly longed for the Han Zhen Zhen who can divert Bai Lang’s attention……

“Rest here for a while. I have to do something with the band. I’ll go and return right away.” Bai Lang stroked Xia Qiu’s head, finally remembering the matter that he had neglected. His expression changed, but he had to leave with Xia Qiu’s reluctant (expectant) gaze sending him off.

The obsession naturally vanished at this time, Xia Qiu immediately regained control of her body.

“Qi Qi, you were here too! It just so happened that I need to leave for a bit, please help me look after Qiu Qiu.”

Hearing the sound of Bai Lang greeting Qi Qi, Xia Qiu couldn’t help but feel disheartened.

Over here she hadn’t even captured, over there Bai Lang’s full of ‘scheming boy silently showing off to the love rival his closeness’ tone of voice, made Xia Qiu’s teeth ache.

Even if at that time Peter helped her to cheat, cramming a bunch of “Second female lead counterattack 100 ways” “Theory of which angles to make you appear most charming” “How to low-key become the focus in a crowd” skills within a week……

But she’s only a newbie! Such a difficult subject, she doesn’t know! Doesn’t know!

As expected, after Qi Qi walked in, he didn’t immediately head towards Xia Qiu’s bedside.

He’s changed into a set of clean clothes, like nothing had happened, and that he’s only here to see her.

Half leaning against the infirmary doorway, as if deliberately maintaining a distance from the person on the sick bed, Qi Qi didn’t move closer towards Xia Qiu. But his gaze didn’t leave her.

“Qi Qi, why don’t you come sit?”

In the awkward atmosphere, Xia Qiu was well aware that what happened in the infirmary just now, Qi Qi saw it all clearly. Even if she was of a mind to explain, it was clearly hard to say.

But Xia Qiu knew, if she didn’t remedy the situation, then after this incident, even if she used every possible method to capture Qi Qi, it would be to no avail.

Because when the author was setting up Qi Qi’s character, there was one thing that Xia Qiu and all the ‘Qi Qi fans’ are well aware of.

That is——

Devoted dog!

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