QTSFLBI Chapter 7: First Love Reversal Strategy (7)

That’s right. As the top student with the highest IQ on campus, who represented Pu Lang High School to win in the national olympic competition.

Carrying the name of C City’s most low-profile official’s child!

Precisely because he liked his childhood friend Xia Qiu, so even if this pure like was used to strike down her love rival, to curry favour with the adonis, even using his background to do some underhanded things.

Qi Qi was well aware but at the same time will quietly help her to clean up the mess.

It can be said, in the previous story line, the original owner was too used to Qi Qi’s unconditional indulgence and love, so she unscrupulously squandered this love. Until Han Zhen Zhen snatched away Qi Qi, she found out that she actually liked Qi Qi, which caused her to fall apart and drugged Han Zhen Zhen.

Of course, Xia Qiu also disdained the original owner.

Since she already knew that her true love is Qi Qi, yet was still obsessed with getting closer to Bai Lang, with this sort of fickle temperament how can she be worthy of the ‘devoted dog’ Qi Qi?

Thinking of when she’ll see Bai Lang, that she will be controlled by the obsession and do things against her will, made Xia Qiu’s head hurt. But this matter was temporarily shelved to the back of her mind, what is important is how to resolve the misunderstanding between her and Qi Qi.

She looked towards Qi Qi, however she was slightly at a loss and bit her bottom lip.

“Qi Qi, did Qiu Qiu do something wrong?”

——《The five moves that Qi Qi can’t resist》

Sure enough, pretending to be pitiful, who can resist.

The frosty and immovable Qi Qi, immediately somewhat unnaturally turned away.

Half his face hidden in the shadows, Qi Qi’s voice a little hoarse, “Seeing Qiu Qiu finally getting the happiness that she wanted, I’m happy for Qiu Qiu.”

“Is that so?” Xia Qiu could finally let out a breath. She wasn’t worried about Qi Qi misunderstanding, just afraid that Qi Qi would ignore her. She observed Qi Qi’s expression, softened her tone, yet sounding empty and vague: “But why? I’ve obviously gotten what I wanted, here…… is still empty?”

She lowered her head, her right hand covering her heart, like a child who can’t find their home, like being caught up in a huge panic, eyes showing confusion, anxiously questioning Qi Qi.

Xia Qiu is extremely beautiful, good-looking and arrogant, will virtually unknowingly offend a lot of people.

Qi Qi is used to whenever Xia Qiu runs into something, she will stick to him like a baby bird.

When he realized that he had fallen for this little girl who will only cry in front of him, Xia Qiu’s gaze had already turned elsewhere and she had begun to like Bai Lang.

This feeling is like when you painstakingly raise a cabbage, but in the end it was eaten by a pig.

But out of habit, hearing Xia Qiu’s tone, Qi Qi immediately looked towards Xia Qiu, originally thinking to advice her for the last time.

But with one look, Qi Qi immediately blushed, like being electrocuted and becoming increasingly uncomfortable, he looked away.

Xia Qiu’s eyes were red, her fair hand covering her left chest. The short-sleeved summer uniform is zippered. With her movement, it caused the zipper in front of her neck to come loose, the wrinkled school uniform loose on her body.

And with one sweep of the eye, Qi Qi unconsciously followed the ivory neck, and glimpsed her cleavage.

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