QTSFLBI Chapter 8: First Love Reversal Strategy (8)

It’s naturally impossible for there to be nothing under her school uniform. Xia Qiu wore a pure white cotton camisole with a pink heart-shaped pattern. Due to the unintentional squeezing, a corner of the camisole was also exposed.

Even though the camisole looks good, especially against the snow white and supple skin. However, this type of outfit matched with the Xia Qiu who is usually aloof, inexplicably made Qi Qi feel a sort of gap moe.

Qi Qi’s face felt heated. Luckily, he knew that no matter how much he blushed, his face would not show it. Therefore, he was able to nonchalantly stand there.

“Qi Qi?” Xia Qiu called again, feeling a little puzzled.

Qi Qi stared blankly. Abruptly, it seemed like he came back to his senses, and suddenly grunted in acknowledgement. However, his eyes looked everywhere except at Xia Qiu.

What’s wrong this time? Xia Qiu couldn’t figure it out, but she still subconsciously looked down at herself.

What she saw made her blush. Although she didn’t care too much about exposing a little of her waist or something, but that didn’t mean that she wouldn’t care if her chest was exposed……

But it’s okay, the one who saw it was Qi Qi and not someone else. Just think of it as giving him a bit of benefit first.

At first with this, Xia Qiu was also embarrassed. However, when her gaze landed on Qi Qi, her gaze was caught, and she was immediately fired up. Not only did she calm down, even her embarrassment was cured.

Because she discovered that Qi Qi was actually more embarrassed than her…

That’s right. Qi Qi has a thick skin, and you can’t really tell when he’s blushing. However, what’s going on with the ears that’s as red as blood?

Oh my, is it because it’s too hot in summer?

Xia Qiu was immediately at ease. In any case, she’s an older young woman who transmigrated here whose mission is to save Qi Qi. It’s just a slight wardrobe malfunction, what’s there to be afraid of.

“Qi Qi, why didn’t you come in just now?” Xia Qiu quickly adjusted her emotions, maintaining the slight redness of her eyes, and lowered her head.

Qi Qi was somewhat startled. He looked away, the hoarseness of his voice scaring even himself.

“Qiu Qiu, what are you saying……”

He subconsciously cleared his throat, touching his throat.

Not sure why, but now whenever he sees Xia Qiu, it feels like a fire has been ignited in his abdomen. The heat was unbearable, especially when Xia Qiu looked at him so wholeheartedly.

A strand of sweat-soaked black hair was stuck to her cheek, her red-rimmed eyes set in a fair face. However her earnest gaze, looked like she was feigning being strong to suppress her grievance.

If they were still purely childhood friends, he would definitely not be able to control himself and go over to her, giving her a deep hug, or maybe he would be unable to bear it and confess to her directly.

He likes her. It’s the kind of like between men and women. It’s the get married and grow old together type of like!

Unfortunately, she did not give him the chance to like her…

Recalling the kiss that he just saw, his heart clenched in pain, making Qi Qi finally wake up from his distracted state.

Xia Qiu asked him that……

However, what qualifications does he have?

Rationality washed over him like the tide. Qi Qi looked at the unusual Xia Qiu, silently speculating the reason her unusual behaviour, sounding out Xia Qiu with his question.

“Qiu Qiu don’t you like Bai Lang? Today when you fainted, was it because of the gossip from the girls? They’re just jealous of you, you don’t have to worry. Qiu Qiu, do you remember that year when you were nine, the movie that we watched together?”

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